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Incredibly effective!
Incredibly effective! This was not my first try at rehabilitation, however, it's the first one that stuck. It was the very first time I have been able to get clean and stay clean!
, Colorado Apr 8, 2011

Saved my life!
Saved my life! I knew that once I had pushed away and hurt everyone that I loved, that I had hit an all-time low and was as unhappy and pathetic as I felt. I had all but lost hope with the many rehabilitation programs that I had tried and failed. Only the ones at Substance Abuse Rehab Colorado are those that worked - they gave me hope, helped me understand substance addiction, and taught me the best way to get clean and stay that way. I would almost definitely still be on the streets, on my own, and suffering without their assistance. Now, thanks to their help, I have my family back, a great job, and the help and encouragement I need to keep sober and healthy.
, Colorado Jan 1, 1970

Incredibly beautiful!
Incredibly beautiful! Rehabilitation facilities and houses throughout Colorado Rehab Centers were all first-class, and helped make my rehab experience effective and a success. They’re amazing!
, Colorado Jan 6, 2011

Gave me my life!
Gave me my life! I’m incredibly grateful to the combined efforts of most Colorado Alcoholism Treatment Center! Without their program I'd never have been capable of getting my loved ones back, I wouldn't ever have been capable of getting a great job, and I most definitely wouldn’t be alive. I would definitely recommend their detoxification and treatment services for someone who wants to change their lifestyle!
, Colorado Sep 13, 2011

Incredibly efficient!
Incredibly efficient! When I first began my rehabilitation program, I really didn’t want to open up in group or individual therapy. I thought that nobody could understand me, or my problems, and that rehabilitation couldn't work. Listening to my housemates and other people in the program, I began to appreciate that a lot of us have experienced similar things as I have. When I began to open up and talk, I could really feel that I was getting healthier and stronger. Without them, I don't actually know that I'd be alive right now, and it was their caring, compassionate personnel that truly saved my life!
, Colorado Mar 19, 2011

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